Bridge Replacement

Today’s engineers and infrastructure managers are facing an exceedingly difficult challenge.  Infrastructure (especially above and below ground bridge structures) is aging, and in some instances becoming structurally unsound and unsafe.  At the same time, budgets to repair or replace these bridges are becoming tighter and tighter.  Over the last several years, added emphasis has been placed on bringing these aging structures back to safe and acceptable standards.  While many are in rural lower traffic areas, these bridges play an important role in the transportation system and are critical for agricultural businesses, emergency response departments, and general transportation activities.  As an alternative to replacing aging structures with new bridges or concrete boxes, many municipalities and engineers are utilizing Corrugated Metal Pipe (CMP) structures (sometimes referred to as Flexible Buried Steel Bridges) as a lower cost and time saving alternative.  CMP offers a vast selection of shapes, sizes, coatings, materials, and gauges to meet virtually any site or project requirements. CMP replacement structures are able to be completed in a fraction of the time and cost that traditional bridge replacements cost.


Northern Indiana Rail Road Bridge Replacement 

The concrete rail bridge was determined to be structurally unsound and was in need of major repairs or replacement.  The bridge was part of an active line with fairly high rail traffic and disruption needed to be minimal.  The engineers decided to go with 3 galvanized structural plates to miinimize track closure and provide the most economic alternative.

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Iriquois County Illinois

Like many rural counties, Iriquois County has numerous small and structurally unsound bridges crossing small streams and drainage ditches.  Rather than replace with a traditional steel bridge, designers decided to go with twin 112x75 (96″) polymer CMP structures

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