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Founded in 1958, Metal Culverts, Inc. is one of the premier corrugated metal pipe producers in the United States.

Metal Culverts assists and provides our customers with corrugated metal pipe products for culverts, storm sewers, retention/detention systems, bridge replacements, and water control projects.

Our customers include, but are not limited to: governmental agencies, construction contractors, public and private developers, and railroads.

Serving North America, South America, and Central America since 1958


Minnesota DOT Polymer Test Report

Staff from the Minnesota DOT and representatives from several Midwest CMP manufacturers recently inspected a nearly 40 year old stretch of Minnesota Highway that utilized polymer coated CMP.  The results proved the durability and increased service life users can...

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Metal Culverts Inc Launches Updated Website

We recently upgraded our website to better  serve our customers with information on the products we  provide.  If you have any suggestions for additional information we should include, feel free to email Justin.vanhall@metalculverts.com and let us know!

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