Detention & Retention Projects


Hoffman Estates,IL

To comply with the areas storm water management plan, school administrators were tasked with job of controlling site stormwater runoff.  Set in a fairly urban setting, adjacent property availability and high property values eliminated the possibility of purchasing ground for above ground storage options.  Officials decided to utilize a CMP structure under a small area typically reserved for “Friday Nights”

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Quincy, IL

When required to comply with stormwater management plans and having little surrounding land to assist with the capture of stormwater from a new parking lot, developers turned to an underground 66″ galvanized CMP detention system to solve the issue.

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Sheboygan County Wisconsin

Engineers and project owners were facing strict stormwater runoff challenges when desingning this project.   The site was being developed as a manufacturing facility that would be facing the challenges of heavy truck traffic, a relatively small footprint, and a large amount of asphalt/concrete surfaces contributing to increased runoff compared to pre-development conditions.  They decided on a CMP design that utilized over 1100 feet of 96″ Aluminized Type 2 pipe.

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