Metal Culverts’ Spiral Rib pipe combines the advantages and time tested qualities of corrugated metal pipe and combines them with hydraulics equal to HDPE and Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) products.  Because of its hydraulic performance, strength, versatility, and cost savings, Spiral Rib pipe is the perfect pipe for your next stormwater project.  Metal Culverts offers our Spiral Rib in:

  • 18″-120″ Diameter in Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2, and Polymer Coatings
  • 18″-84″ Diameter in Aluminum Alloy
  • Round and Arched Profiles
  • Individual Run Lengths up to 50′

Spiral Rib not only has better hydraulics than standard corrugated metal pipe (CMP), it was proven to have a Manning’s “n” factor of .012 at Utah State University’s Hydraulic Laboratory.  This allows Engineers, consultants, and owners to use/specify Spiral Rib interchangeably with concrete and plastic pipe without having to perform more than one hydraulic design.


Spiral Rib is available in a variety of coatings and metals to meet the needs and required service life of your project .  Compared to HDPE pipe, Spiral Rib is a stiffer pipe and less likely to incur the damaging effects from excessive deflection.  Another point to consider when comparing Spiral Rib to HDPE is the ability of Spiral Rib to withstand fire and extreme temperatures without loosing structural integrity.  Whether through natural fire disasters or acts of vandalism, Spiral Rib does not burn.  When comparing Spiral Rib to RCP, the longer pipe lengths of Spiral Rib mean fewer joints. However, when joints are required, Spiral Rib is simply joined using annular bands that also provide a positive joint connection.  The addition of gaskets at the joints can help meet special infiltration/exfiltration requirements.  Longer pipe lengths also allow Spiral Rib to maintain a more consistent and uniform pipe grade.


Both steel and aluminum Spiral Rib provide significant handling and installation savings over alternative pipe choices.  Steel Spiral Rib weighs only 10% as much as RCP, while aluminum Spiral Rib weighs only 3% as much.  This reduced weight means increased economic efficiency in shipping and handling of the product and quicker installations with longer run lengths that lead to lower labor costs.  Spiral Rib has a smaller outside diameter than RCP which allows for reductions in required trench widths/depths further lowering installation costs.


Metal Culverts has the ability to produce Spiral Rib  in customizable run lengths and diameters that match the exact requirements of your project.  This means getting the exact amount of product you need with no cuts and wasted product.  In areas where limited cover is a concern, Spiral Rib can be made in an arched profile to help meet cover requirements.  Simply put, “Spiral Rib offers the versatility that RCP and HDPE can’t match”