Metal End Sections

Metal end sections provide a quick and economical way to increase protection for the installed metal pipe.  In addittion to providing pipe inlet and outlet protection, metal end sections provide increased hydraulic efficency and help to prevent excess erosion and scour at the inlet and outlet of the pipe.  Metal end sections can also be used on concrete and HDPE pipe as a lower cost and durable alternative.

Metal Culverts offers metal end sections in the following:

  • 6″-96″ in Round Profiles
  • 17″x13″(15″Round Size)-112″x75″(96″Round Size) in Arched Profiles
  • Galvanized, Aluminized Type 2, and Aluminum Construction


Safety Slope End Sections

Safety slope end sections offer all the advantages of regular metal end sections as well as providing increased protection for motorists.  Safety slope end sections help to flatten roadside slope and traditionally include parallel and/or cross drain bars to prevent excess vehicle damage in the event a vehicle were to impact the end section.  We offer safety slope end sections in 4:1, 6:1, and 10:1 slopes in the following:

  • 12″-60″ Diameter in Round Profile
  • 17″x13″(15″ Round Size)-83″x57″(72″ Round Size) in Arched Profile
  • Galvanized and Aluminized Type 2 Construction