Corrugated Aluminum Pipe (CAP)

Metal Culverts’ corrugated aluminum pipe truly is the “Lightweight Pipe with Heavyweight Protection”.  Manufactured with Aluminum Alloy 3004 that is clad on both sides with Alloy 7072, CAP is able to withstand a wide range of environments.  With a predictable service life of more than 75 years and weights 1/35 of concrete pipe, CAP is an excellent choice for culvert, stormwater, and detention/retention projects.

Metal Culverts manufactures Corrugated Aluminum Pipe in the following:

  • Riveted and Spiral (Helical) Construction
  • 12′-120″ Diameters
  • 2 2/3″x1/2″ (Standard) and 3x1 Corrugations
  • Round and Arched Profiles

Different than Aluminized Type 2 coating, CAP offers exceptional corrosion resistance throughout the entire pipe wall, and eliminates the possibility of coating damage through instalation and manufacturing processes .  CAP is constructed of two metalugically bonded alloys-aluminum alloy 3004 is the core material and each surface is clad with alloy 7072 creating a material that  excells in both corrosion and abrasion resistance.  As an added layer of protection, when exposed to air, CAP forms an oxide film that if removed or damaged, will reform and continue providing protection.


With its substantially lighter weights and longer run lengths, CAP offers numerous advantages over alternative pipe materials.   The lighter weight of CAP translates into faster and easier installation, and the ability to use normal construction equipment already found on most jobsites for handling.  Longer run lengths up to 50′ mean fewer joints, faster installation, and the ability to better maintain the pipes grade.  A wide range of fittings and fabrications are available for CAP, and field fabrication requires no specialty tools or special treatments at cuts or welds.