Culvert Rehabilitation

In situations where culverts have reached the end of their service life and/or inspected and found to be structurally unsound, lining culverts instead of replacing may be the best approach.  By choosing to re-line the existing culvert: traffic patterns remain relatively undisturbed, a possible increase in the culvert hydrualics and structural integrity may be obtained, and users eliminate the need for a full trench excavation in the roadway.  Metal Culverts offers our Spiral Rib product and HDPE liners for culvert lining projects.


Illinois DOT Whiteside County Hwy 30

Due to the high traffic volume on this roadway and the relatively high volume of excavation that would have been required to repair this failing concrete box culvert, The Illinois DOT opted to line the box with two 48″ Aluminized Spiral Rib Pipes.

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Schuyler County Illinois

The county engineer opted to line this culvert using a “screw together” HDPE culvert liner supplied by Metal Culverts.

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